Julia Sokolowska

Hollywood, USA/POLAND

Julia Zuzanna Sokolowska, KOMEDA award winning composer, orchestrator, pianist and multi-instrumentalist who works in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Some of her notable titles include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Whistle, Empire and The Book of Life as well as high-grossing international titles like The Unconsciousness. She is a founder of Hollywood Arrangers.

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Sandrine Rudaz

Swiss French/USA

Based in California, Swiss-French composer Sandrine Rudaz creates music for film, video games, and theatre. Recent career honors include a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Her work for the animated film Star Bard won Best Orchestration at the 17th Garden State Film Festival. Sandrine’s other film credits include feature films such as The Shell and Aylesbury Estate, and short films such as the award-winning Kneeling Sheep.

Her music utilizes both her European classical piano training and American education to craft stylistically distinct soundscapes; she is at home writing for full orchestra, solo and duo settings, and all ranges in between.

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Jacquie Joy


Jacquie is an Australian composer with a background in singing/writing songs and performing live music, and for many years wrote ‘happy’ corporate/world music for Expedia travel.  She has more recently turned to writing film music and has won soundtrack awards for horror and drama short films.  Jacquie is intuitive and innovative, tech savvy, and has a tendency for ‘bold’.  She also loves using cinematic sound design to help enhance a composition.  

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Luna Pan


Luna Pan is an award-winning screen, advertising and game composer from Sydney, Australia. She studied piano and music theory for a decade from a young age, now armed with a Bachelor scholarship degree in Composition and Music Production from the Australian Institute of Music. Luna has created soundtracks for feature films, TV programs, commercials, games and web productions. She has won Mentorship for Women in Music award held by APRA AMCOS under TV Composition category. She has won the best composer award at the 29th SFS film festival with five of her short film compositions. She enjoys composing in a wide variety of genres and styles, as well as recording her own samples.

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Victoria Beits


Victoria Beits is a music composer for films, TV and other visual media. She has a background as a piano player, later she started writing music for production libraries and consequently was carried away by scoring for films and TV series, documentaries, games, trailers.

She is passionate about blending traditional orchestra with synthetic sounds to get big, interesting, modern cinematic vibes. Also loves writing emotional chamber instrumentals, piano fantasies, emotional drama scores for piano, solo strings, full orchestra, trailer music and more.

Experienced arranger, orchestrator, Victoria writes for live orchestra and makes professionally sounding mixes of live and hybrid music, always open for experiments and happy to find new ways to bring emotion to a picture.


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Alexandria Mueller


Alexandria Mueller is a composer for films, games and other media. She studied film music composition at Berklee College of Music and holds a BA in Music from the University of Wisconsin.

Alex has composed music extensively for orchestra, wind band and choir. She has had works performed by ensembles of all ages and abilities and has won several awards for her compositions, including the James and Paula Nelson Young Composers Competition (Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra 2013), Kenwood Symphony (Minneapolis, MN) composition contest, and the UW-Stevens Point Music Department’s Wind Ensemble Composition Contest.

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Maria Vertiz


Maria was born in Mexico City to a family of musicians. scoring her first film song age 13.

She is a composer, producer, and songwriter who creates music filled with ethnic sounds, atmospheric ideas, and structural concepts from different eras. She believes in creating parallel universes through music, using a combination of world music and ethereal sounds. She was awarded best composition at the GEMS Film Scoring Workshop and graduated with honors from the Film Scoring Program at Berklee College of Music.

She joined Illuminating Music Group after moving to Los Angeles, where she works with and is mentored by 8-time OSCAR nominee and Emmy winner James Newton Howard (King Kong, Batman, etc.) and Chris Westlake (Castle Rock, Before we go, etc.).

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Composers Assistant - Lady Shaula


Composer, performer, conductor, Lady Shaula's musical career covers many genres.

Now, breaking into film and tv composing, following a lifetime of stage and concert composing, Lady Shaula performs predominantly overseas.

Her stunning mystical voice accompanied by her harp or piano, places her in concert demand over the world
- in the fields of classical, music theatre, celtic & jazz.

Originally a classical pianist from Melbourne, Australia, classical crossover soprano Lady Shaula is an international harpist, singer & composer.

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